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Management Vision: To be the trend setters in the agricultural mechanization process by providing the latest in innovation, research, technology & farm inputs to improve conversion ratios while increased productivity and profitability of worldwide farming community.

Challenges: Food scarcity is the major challenge of the today’s world. We are in a constant state of crisis: Every day at least 16,000 children die of malnutrition, almost 1 billion people of today’s 6.3 billion world population are undernourished. It is also a well-known fact that the modern food production contributes to global warming. Ongoing energy crisis since modern industrial farming - including the whole food processing and distribution process - consumes largest amount of all the fossil fuels. Modern industrial farming – which in the last 40 to 60 years was regarded as crucial to have helped to feed the world, is now entering a vicious circle where it will only increase the crisis instead of showing a way out. read more

Organic Farming

Can Organic Farming Feed The World? "Raised fields: long term labour requirements are low; harvests are bountiful; production is sustainable; technology can be managed by families using available tools.” C Erickson, UPA Organic Agriculture ...

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Paradoxical Agriculture


'Paradoxical Agriculture' is an integration of both the principles and theory of CA under practices of SRI/SCI, on one hand, and the practical and





Farm Sector Productivity Enhancement a Solution for Food sovereignty, Poverty alleviation, Jobs creation by engaging rural youth in food



Science & Technology


In Science & technology there are No “If’s” and “But’s”. Perfection and wider process tolerance can’t coexist.